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photo by Armand Vivier

In the contemporary Western society, more and more people radicalize their relationship to tradition, either by blindly following it or claiming to annihilate it. An intermediate path does not seem desirable anymore. How does one build on tradition while staying critical towards it?

In A Duet, this tension is exposed through dance. Ballet is the beloved mother and the despised father of the Western concert dance tradition. In the piece, the performers are fighting the classical dance and it fights back. However, the goal of this battle is not to defeat but to elevate each other. Ballet is forcing performers to search for the essence of classical worldview, while the performers are urging it to talk with a voice of current times. Witnessing this infinite battle is the audience who is invited to reflect on their personal and societal role in defending, destroying or neglecting tradition and its relationship to today.


Dovydas Strimaitis


Urtė Groblytė, Ibai Jimenez

lighting designer

Lisa M. Barry

costume designer

Taylor Wishneff

sound engineer

Maxime Jerry Fraisse


Adolphe Adam - No. 20 Allegro feroce (Giselle, London Symphony Orchestra, Michael Tilson Thomas)


Domantė Tirylytė


Still Waiting (France)

BE Company (Lithuania)




30 03 2023 at ArtDanThé, Théatre de Vanves, Paris (FR)

financed by

Lithuanian Council for Culture

co-produced by

Le Ballet National de Marseille – direction (LA)HORDE

supported by

Théâtre de Vanves, Montévidéo, Lithuanian Culture Institute

upcoming dates

there are no upcoming dates

previous dates

30 03 2023 - premiere - ArtDanThé (Paris, FR)

17 09 2023 - Arts Printing House (Vilnius, LT)

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