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photo by Aurelien Meimaris

Insula aims to dive into organic relations of space within and between bodies, where they meet complex identities, natures, movements, clothes and sounds. Transfiguring strangers are constantly defaced or obscured in dance. The space becomes a field of attention and the audience takes an active part in landscape dramaturgy. The bodies that we inhabit, made of seventy percent water, unstable materials and containers, are in constant shift. The fictional and natural merge into affective scenes to challenge the sense of physicality, belonging, the other and intimacy.

Insula is a collaboration between Maarja Tõnisson and Dovydas Strimaitis, for Roots to Routes, as part of MANIFESTA 13.

author and performer

Maarja Tõnisson

co-creator and performer

Dovydas Strimaitis

costume design and concept

Kadi Adrikorn / Adrikorn Artefacts


Maarja Nuut & Ruum

jewelry design

Claudia Lepik




18 09 2020 at Palais Longchamp, Marseille (LT)

commissioned by

Roots to Routes


upcoming dates

there are no upcoming dates

previous dates

18-19 09 2020 - premiere - MANIFESTA 13 (Marseille, FR)

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