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photo by BTA

Triptych is an itinerant site-specific dance piece for 3 performers at the premises of the Watermill Center.

During The Watermill Center Annual Summer Benefit gala, performers explore the surroundings of the center with its various landmarks, objects, sculptures, people, installations and events by simply visiting and passing through them. The travelling nature of the work and basic movement vocabulary create unexpected links between these sometimes random elements. With its raving scene-inspired costumes, Triptych becomes a 21st-century ballet de cour, both bluring and emphasizing the lines between a performer and an audience member, a performance and a party, a spectacle and a political event.


Dovydas Strimaitis


Yunseo Choi, Dovydas Strimaitis, Agathe Vidale

costume designer

Dovydas Strimaitis

costume advice

Flavia Ruggeri

produced by and created during

International Summer Program at The Watermill Center



upcoming dates

there are no upcoming dates

previous dates

29 07 2023 - premiere - The Watermill Center (Watermill, US)

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