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This short dance film explores the relationship between the heritage of Soviet architecture and the bodies that inhabit it. The things that stay after a half-century occupation are not only the monuments of urban architecture but also networks of social, emotional, and interpersonal architecture that are deeply engrained into the populations of post-soviet countries. The immediate response to a relict of an occupier is to destroy it or to unrecognizably renovate it - however, is this the most optimal solution? Will that help to renovate the internal human architectures? Or will that just put the people in a perpetual motion of running away from the past and hence from the future?

This video is a collaboration between Dovydas Strimaitis and a musician Julijona Biveinytė.

concept, direction, choreography

Dovydas Strimaitis


last song by Juli (Julijona Biveinytė)


Vytenis Jankauskas




07 01 2021

sponsored by

Lithuanian Council for Culture

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